Monday, March 26, 2007

US Bishops issue strong statement against Daniel Maguire

On the news this morning: US Bishops issued a strong statement against Daniel Maguire, a former priest who claims to be an authority, who offers two opposing views to Catholic teaching. He told the New York Times that there are many views in the Church. He says that the Catholic bishops are uninformed. Daniel Maguire's pamphlets are false teachings and should not be believed. The USCCB states that Daniel Maguire's teachings ARE NOT authentic teachings. The US Bishops refer us to the Catholic Catechism for authentic teaching. Teresa Tomeo, radio host on Ave Maria Radio puts her "two cents" in and tells us to just check out the Catholic Catechism whenever in doubt. She says that if one cannot afford the reasonably priced Catechism, one can go online and look up the Catholic Catechism through any search engine. We also have the Vatican website to refer to as well. Though we may feel upset that this man is allowed to teach at a Catholic University or that he calls himself a Catholic yet spreads heresy, we can take heart knowing we can use the media to the Church's advantage and pass this news along to warn others not to get snagged into this man's or any person's false teachings.

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