Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thank you, Lord for this new day!

Thank you, Lord for this brand new day! A new day full of challenges and opportunities. A new day in which to serve you, a new day to spread your love and do your will. A new day to be sorry for my sins, a new day to offer forgiveness to those that have harmed me, a new day to care for those around me. A new day to offer up to You all of my aches and pains or inconveniences, praying that they can be united to Your suffering and become redemptive for myself and others. Help me today, Lord to see You in others who surround me - the very people I am to minister to with love. Thank you, Lord for this new day to try to slow down for a moment and really listen to You whispering to my soul. Thank you, dear Lord for my life!

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Charlie Arceneaux said...

What a beautiful prayer, Donna!