Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Lenten "Grumpies"

I think I detect a few cases of the "grumpies" around here. It must be Lent. People must be craving their candy and desserts that they have given up. Maybe they are in withdrawal. While I was out doing my errands, a driver motioned his hand at me and I'm not talking about a friendly "hello!" I guess I didn't leave the drive up window of the bank quickly enough for him. Well, that hand motion and his mouth flapping got him a prayer, by the grace of God. Today sure seemed like a FRIDAY in Lent. It was a very good penitential day in so many ways. The rude person on the other end of the phone helped to set the tone. The long wait in line at the Post Office gave an opportunity to pray another decade of the Rosary for the impatient people around me who may have been experiencing the "grumpies." Yet another opportunity for prayer was when a woman came speeding towards me, almost hitting me. I guess she had to be somewhere awfully fast! A person could get grumpy dealing with all of this! Are you experiencing the "grumpies" or live with someone who is? Does it feel like everything you are doing or attempting to do is going wrong? Don't worry, it's just Friday in Lent. Good material for penance, I think.

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