Sunday, March 18, 2007

Turn off the TV

I read an article in the Liguorian magazine by Paige Byrne Shortal and loved her line, "If you turn off the TV for a little while, perhaps for Lent, you'll begin to see a less distorted view of the world." She also offers a prayer:

A Prayer for Courage

Good and loving God,
give us the courage to be quiet,
to be still,
even to be bored
so that we might hear your voice
and come to know our purpose
in this life,
our identity as your child,
your unique face to be revealed
in this world.
And please, dear God,
give us the courage
to turn off the TV!

Ms. Shortal ends her article with, "Human beings do not long for amusement. We long for meaning, purpose, a sense that our lives matter, that we were created for a reason and in the image and likeness of God. We are here to reveal, indeed to be, a face of God otherwise never known to this world. And it is when we are engaged, completely immersed in what we do, that we sense this reason for our lives."

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