Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Saint Augustine and the second Beatitude

"Give heed to the following: 'Blessed are the meek,' says He, 'for by inheritance they shall possess the earth.' You wish to possess the earth now; then see to it that you are not possessed by the earth. If you are meek, you will possess it; if you are not meek, it will possess you. So, when you hear that possessing the earth is the profferred reward, do not spread the cloak of avarice by wishing to possess it now, to the very exclusion of your neighbor. Let no such notion deceive you, for you will truly possess the earth when you cleave to Him who has made both heaven and earth. To be humble means to be so submissive to God that you seek to please Him--not yourself--in all your good works, and that you are displeased with yourself--and not with Him--in whatever ills you suffer. It is no small matter to please God while displeasing yourself, but you will displease Him if you please yourself."

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