Sunday, May 13, 2007

In the Eye and the Heart of the Beholder...

Dandelions decorate our lawn. My daughter, Mary-Catherine thinks they are very pretty. My husband is annoyed by them and thinks I should allow him to put a weed killer on our lawn to get rid of them. I have vivid memories of when I was a little girl and would pick dandelions any time I saw them, hiding them behind my back. I would then run up to my Mother clenching them tightly in my fist behind my back so that I wouldn't lose them. Then I would surprise her by revealing the beautiful bouquet of happy flowers. She was always happy to receive them. Mother's Day was certainly one of these occasions.

Now, with five children of my own, I relish every moment of Mother's Day. Isn't it wonderful that God gave Mother's this day at a time when lilacs have just come in bloom? I think that is just wonderful! All I need to make me happy on Mother's day is to have all of my kids around me...and maybe a bouquet of lilacs, too! I see some lilacs up in the tree. maybe someone will pick some for me...if not, dandelions will be just fine!

What makes your Mother's Day happy? Please feel free to leave a comment. And may our good Lord and His beautiful Blessed Mother bless your day in great abundance!


Suzanne Temple said...

Happy Mother's Day Donna!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Thank you! Happy Mother's day to you! Isn't this the BEST day ever?