Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I met Luke's Aunt today. Luke has brain cancer.

I gave a talk this morning to a lovely group of women at a "Women In Faith" Brunch. They were all very welcoming and wonderful. I spoke to them about a "Woman's Call to Prayer." Afterwards, I met with a lot of them personally to inscribe my books to them and to chat. One woman told me through tears about her little nephew, Luke who has brain cancer. She was getting my books for his Mom. She asked me to beseech Blessed Mother Teresa whom I knew to help this boy. I promised my prayers for him and for his Mom. I told her that I would ask all of you for your prayers, too. Please take a few minutes out and pray for Luke. If you'd like to learn more about Luke, you may visit here at a Care page that his parents set up. I visited the page and found that it takes less than a moment to register as a visitor. If you do visit, his full name is: Luke Thomas Gilligan. You will need to put in his full name without spaces to get to his page. If you don't care to visit to see his photos, please offer a prayer for him as he gets another round of chemo and more surgery at his tender little age.

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