Sunday, May 6, 2007

American Academy of Pediatrics warns families not to have home trampolines

Recently I wrote a post concerning trampoline safety for kids. It is my opinion that trampolines are too dangerous for home use and I stated the reasons why. This morning I found that one person that had done a search about trampolines and safety was directed to my blog. When I saw their referring URL, I decided to check out some of the articles that were listed on their Google search. There are plenty of articles stating the reasons why trampoline use is dangerous. One article from the American Academy of Pediatrics that I think is important to share.

"The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants you and your family to be safe when using trampolines. The CPSC estimates that in 2001 there were 91,870 hospital emergency room-treated injuries associated with trampolines. About 93 percent of the victims were under 15 years of age, and 11 percent were under 5 years of age. Since 1990, CPSC has received reports of 6 deaths of children under age 15 involving trampolines. Injuries and deaths were caused by:..." (read the article from the Consumer Product Safety Commission for more information)

This article states, "Trampolines may be lots of fun and a great way to exercise, but the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns that they're hazardous to kids and aren't worth the risk." It also details the kinds of injuries to kids that are prevalent.

The AAP says trampolines aren't meant to be used as play equipment and - because of the high rate of injuries - advises against having trampolines at schools, on outdoor playgrounds and in your own backyard.

Another article on the web from a lawyer says, "Take it from a lawyer: A trampoline in the yard is just an invitation to disaster. Avoid the temptation. The risk of injury to your own children is too great, and the risk of a lawsuit if any other kids are injured is JUST NOT WORTH the trouble." There's much more to this article it would be worthwhile to read as well as Canada's Leading Medical Journal which says, "Playing on trampolines in the backyard is such a high-risk activity that it accounted for 80 trauma-related admissions to a Winnipeg hospital over 2 recent summers, researchers say.

Most of the injuries involved fractures or fracture-dislocations, but 1 case, involving fracture-dislocation of the cervical spine, resulted in paralysis for an 8-year-old boy." This article explains that most of the injuries occur from falling on the mat of the trampoline and not even off of the trampoline.

I encourage those interested in learning more about trampolines and kids to seek more information by doing a Google or other search and you will see how many other articles from reputable sources will come up about trampoline safety or lack thereof. Please think twice before allowing your kids to jump on trampolines. It's not worth the risk!

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