Saturday, August 11, 2007

Let's hope and pray for the miners

"HUNTINGTON, Utah - A second drill broke through early Saturday to a mine shaft where officials hope to find six trapped workers, clearing the way for a video camera to be lowered and provide the first answers to the miners' fate.

Nearly 9 inches wide, the hole reached the mine shaft between just before 3 a.m., said Bob Murray, chief of mine co-owner Murray Energy Corp. Crews were removing the heavy drill steel and planned send down the camera within a few hours.

There has been no word from the miners since the Crandall Canyon mine collapsed early Monday. A microphone lowered into a smaller hole yielded no sounds of life and an air sample taken through the 2-inch hole detected little oxygen.

However, officials remained hopeful that the six men trapped in the mine were still alive..."

Continued here.

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