Thursday, August 9, 2007

Interview with Irish journalist, Lorcan Mac Mathuna

Some time ago, I received an email from an Irish gentleman, Lorcan Mac Mathuna who had read an article that I had written for Lay Witness magazine that was on the Internet. He asked if he could interview me for a story he wanted to do in the Irish Family Press, a weekly Irish national newspaper. We arranged a time to talk and Lorcan called me from Ireland. We had a very nice talk and chatted for about an hour. Lorcan told me that he would send the article to me when it was published.

A few weeks later, a large brown envelope arrived in the mail. I opened it and saw the Irish newspaper for the first time. It was attractively laid out, and oh, did I mention that my face was on the front page? That was a surprise. I then thumbed through the newspaper with my husband who had just come home; leaning over my shoulder. I started laughing when I reached the centerfold (I think I was in shock)! I hadn't imagined that the story was going to be so huge! On the centerfold of the paper was a very big photo of me and another of Mother Teresa holding my son, Joseph as a baby about eighteen years ago. Lorcan did a very nice job with the story and I humbly offer it to you below...

A Nine-Month Novena
Interview with Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle by Lorcan Mac Mathuna - a newspaper article from Irish Family Press

An enforced rest turned out to be a very rewarding period in Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle’s life.

It was 1991, and she was pregnant with her fifth child. When she experienced severe complications after just ten weeks, she was instructed to take to bed for complete rest for the sake of her child. It was her second difficult pregnancy and she had had three miscarriages previously (in fact her doctor was pretty certain that this latest pregnancy would end in a miscarriage also), so it was a frightening and anxious time for her. Donna was always a devout Catholic. She believes that a prayerful life for a mother can be as simple as offering each day to God and being a good example to her children as is her duty -- but being confined to her bed left her in the situation where she could devote all her time to meditation and prayer.

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