Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Catholic Lion Roars

Great words to ponder today...

"It appears that the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi in the past few days has succeeded in accomplishing something American Catholics have been waiting for months now. Her incorrect understanding of Catholic teaching on the matter of abortion has caused the sleeping lions, namely the American Catholic Bishops to awaken from their silent slumber. Yesterday, the roars of the Arch-lions of New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Denver strongly rebuked Pelosi while reaffirming the correct teachings of the Catholic Church. This call to action is precisely the event that is needed to continue the campaign of Pro-Live advocacy in the Catholic Church, as the American bishops have finally returned from what has seemed to be an extended summer hiatus.
With His Eminence Cardinal Rigali issuing the first pastoral reminders to the Catholic flock through the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops website, the political scenario again brings Catholic voters back to an awareness of the sanctity of human life in Church teachings. At the same time, yesterdays declarations against Pro-Choice candidates reaffirm the importance of the Catholic voters in this upcoming presidential election. The misconceptions of such groups as, Catholics United, that advocate platforms contrary to the genuine teachings of Catholic moral and ethical teachings based upon the humanist formed conscience, the American Bishops have appropriately responded to the ever deepening chasm that separates the real appreciation of the true Catholic moral life as proclaimed by the Magisterium and the distorted and often secular humanism influenced understanding of morality that continues to spread in more liberal factions of the Catholic Church... (Continued here)"

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