Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blogging nightmare!

Hello Everyone,

I'm having a difficult time blogging since Google Blogger has tagged me as a "Spammer"! Many Catholic blogs and other blogs have been "silenced." Some of us can still post sometimes by jumping through hoops and doing a million word identification things before our posts appear. We were "under investigation" and now Blogger came out with an apology however they are still working on the glitches. I still have to jump through hoops. :)

I'll do my best to be up and running soon on all three of my blogs. I am also having trouble with my website which is not a blogger site.

God bless your week end!

Hugs and prayers,


1 comment:

Christine said...

I heard your interview with Teresa Tomeo. Great interview. I know yuo are in New England, and I wanted to let you know about the First Annual New England Catholic Homeschool Conference. It is scheduled to take place in Chicopee, MA on June 6, 2009. There are registration and vendor forms available. You can find more information on my blog.