Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wow! Over 500 Million Tuned In To Watch the World Youth Day Stations of the Cross!

I was able to catch some of this on EWTN TV while I was busy at work on a book I am writing. It was a little too quiet in my little office so I turned on EWTN because sometimes I'll have that channel on playing at a very low volume and so I can listen to the Rosary or Stations of the Cross or Litanies playing in the background as I write. When I turned the TV on, I found the World Youth Day and it was so mesmerizing that I finally told myself (I talk to myself a lot! :) It happens when you are an author and are by yourself quite a bit) to stop the writing for a few minutes and watch Jesus (portrayed by an actor) on his way to the Cross. It was very moving.

The crowds present in Sydney were very serious and somber, until they happened to see themselves on the camera and then flashed a peace sign or smiled broadly! I got a kick out of the very reverent Missionaries of Charity nuns who for a split second smiled when they saw that they were on camera and then you can see how quickly they became reverent once again - in a matter of a half second! They are human and they are a very JOYFUL bunch! Below is a recent article about the Stations of the Cross at World Youth Day in Sydney Australia.

Sydney, Jul 18, 2008 / 09:36 am (CNA).- An audience of half a billion tuned in to watch the performance that involved around 80 performers and was played out by young people at six major venues around Sydney. Over 270,000 international and local spectators also made their way to points around the city to watch the Stations of the Cross live and on big screen televisions.

The first station held on the steps of St Mary’s Cathedral was attended by Pope Benedict XVI who led the prayer.

“Make us generous and insightful as we try to walk in your footsteps,” the Holy Father prayed.

The Pope then watched the procession on television from St. Mary’s Cathedral Crypt.

The procession moved through the Domain, a large open space in Sydney; the Art Gallery of NSW; and the Sydney Opera House, where the actor playing Jesus, Alfio Stuto 27, received the crown of thorns. At Darling Harbour, the stations were played out on a wharf built across the small bay specifically for the purpose before travelling by ferry to Barangaroo.

A somber and reverent mood permeated the crowds, previously filled with cheering and chanting... (Continued here for article and to see a YouTube clip)

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