Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fr. Mark's Blog (EWTN)

It was spectacular. The Holy Father came into Sydney Harbor on a boat, past the Opera House and under the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I watched it on a TV monitor, and it was still amazing to see.

Pope Benedict, given to understated gestures, has a way of balancing dramatic images. He simply smiled, waved, laughed and enjoyed the moment. And what a moment it was. Cardinal Pell greeted him and said there has not been a greeting like this since the first Irish Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Patrick Francis Moran, arrived on September 8, 1884.

The Pope seemed very much at ease, smiling at those around him and reacting to the responses from the crowd. It seems that the apprehension of what kind of pope he will be is over. He can be himself, and make his own contribution to the Church... (Continued here)

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