Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Catholic Company is giving Catechisms and books to the poor!

Can you help? Did you know that The Catholic Company is giving Catechisms to the poor? I just found out. Take a look at their page here to see what they are doing. It's really incredible! I noticed that they are also offering the "Pieta Prayerbook" to be given to the poor. I have one of these incredible prayer books on my night stand and one in my purse. I'm not kidding. :) My older sister gave me my first one many years ago. Both of mine are very tattered now from years of use!

"This project is a true blessing. We really pray that The Catholic Company will continue to evangelize the world!" - Father Richard Ho Lung, founder of the Missionaries of the Poor

Chris Cash, their Director of E-Commerce said, "The Catholic Company has undertaken a challenge, together with the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP), to send 5000 (or more!) catechisms to the poor and needy at MOP missions in Jamaica, India, the Philippines, Haiti, Uganda & Kenya. We are sending the first 500 catechisms, and hope our loyal customers will help us send at least another 4500 copies."

I think they are doing an amazing thing and hope that perhaps you can say a little prayer for their efforts and see if maybe you can help them to reach their goal too. You will be helping to evanlgelize and that is what our Lord calls us all to do.

Thanks for considering!

God bless!


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