Friday, June 27, 2008

What??? Are you kidding me???

San Diego, Jun 27, 2008 / 06:28 am (CNA).- Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke to a meeting of the Catholic Healthcare Association (CHA) in San Diego on Monday on the topic of healthcare reform, pledging to pray “twenty rosaries every day” if that is what is necessary to have the California legislature pass his health care plan.

Governor Schwarzenegger, who was introduced by former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, addressed the CHA audience to congratulate Lloyd Dean’s assumption of the association’s chairmanship, the California Catholic Daily reports.

The governor said he was excited that Dean had become CHA chairman, praising his “tremendous work” in California as leader of Catholic Healthcare West (CHW).

“And, man, he’s an action hero, I can tell you that,” said Schwarzenegger, a former action movie star, who said Dean had balanced the deeply troubled finances of CHW after only two years... (Continued here)

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Anonymous said...

i think he probably meant to say he would pray 20 hail mary's, don't you think?

anyway, i'm not sure why he would say that in order to gain support since it sure sounds like he is mocking the faith.