Friday, June 27, 2008

Prayers are needed for World Youth Day

Please spread the word to pray for God's protection and peace at the World Youth Day. This is a quote from an article below by Pastor Karl Hand, who according to this article said, "I'm compassionate towards people who need condoms, who need abortions, who need all sorts of recognition of their relationship and it's just not being provided by this massive worldwide church," he said." He sounds real "compassionate" doesn't he? Where's his compassion for the babies murdered in abortion?

Here is the article:

"PILGRIMS in Sydney for World Youth Day will be handed condoms in a protest against Pope Benedict XVI's opposition to contraception and homosexuality, demonstrators say.

The NoToPope Coalition, which includes members of Sydney's atheist, gay and environmental communities, will march to Randwick Racecourse on Saturday, July 19, alongside Catholic pilgrims who will be walking to Randwick after a pilgrimage trek across the Sydney Harbour Bridge that day.

The coalition is planning a rally at Taylor Square in Sydney's inner east, followed by the march to the racecourse, where Pope Benedict XVI is holding a prayer vigil that evening..." (Continued here)

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