Friday, June 6, 2008

Catholic Exchange article about suffering

Did you get a chance to see the beautiful article by Chris Findley over at Catholic Exchange?

Perhaps you can take a few moments to read it. I feel it is beautifully written and very relevant. My family just experienced the loss of a dear friend, a twenty two year old girl, who was tragically slain a couple of weeks ago. We can certainly relate to this article.

"On May 21st, many of us were deeply saddened to hear of the accidental death of seven-year-old Maria Chapman, daughter of well-known Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman. My wife and I live just outside of Nashville and it seems that the entire city has been in mourning for this little girl and her family.

The Questions

Newspapers and blogs are overflowing with questions: How this could happen to such a “spiritual” family? How can God be considered “good” or “loving” when He allows this type of thing to happen? Moments like these cause many of the questions we normally keep suppressed to show themselves. Our society normally removes itself from any meaningful discussion of suffering. But this tragic event should cause us to reflect for a moment on the Catholic response to suffering. What are some of the ways Catholics approach the mystery of suffering and how do we find meaning and hope in its midst?..." (Continued here).

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