Friday, December 21, 2007

Jesus in the "distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor" as Mother Teresa always said

My dear friend and spiritual director, Fr. Bill, as some of you know, passed away a couple of months ago. According to his niece, he is still receiving Christmas cards at his house. She emailed me this morning and told me of a person who sent Fr. Bill a card and hand wrote this note inside:

"Dear Father,

Everyone I’m sure has always looked to you and ask for prayers! I am first wondering how you are doing and I hope that you are well? I sure wish you were around
(she must mean that he is no longer at our parish because he retired several years ago).

At this time I am totally and permanently disabled. I do not quality for SSDs due to 2 injuries. I don’t get Social Security, too young and have no income. I’m using the little bit I have to try to save my home, no health insurance, meds are $6,500.00 and more per year. Car broke down, now no refrigerator. Problem with my son, I have a workers compensation case and injury but they maybe too late coming to save me and my home and my animals and son. I need a St. Jude Novena and am too ill in bed to get to Church to meet the requirements. Would you please pray to St. Jude and baby Jesus to get God’s help. I want to live out my life with peace of mind and own roof over my head and better health for us. So sorry to have to ask you for help. I have no family left. Love, ****"(I have left her name out).

This woman apparently did not know that dear Fr. Bill had died. But, now we have before us "Jesus in the distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor" as Mother Teresa has always said. I have this woman's address from the card and I will find her and go over to see her. I have also alerted my pastor so that we can arrange meals and help. PLEASE pray for this woman and of course, all of those who are in difficult situations right now at Christmas time. Pray also for the mother I told you about that is planning to abort her baby today. PLEASE, please pray for all of the poorest of the poor who surround us and have so many needs. Calcutta is in our midst. We have to open our eyes and ears to see and hear their pleas. We need to respond in love, especially when we are so busy. They are JESUS living in one another. Will we go to greet HIM? Will we show HIM our love?

God bless you!

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