Monday, July 23, 2007

Update on boys in hiking accident

I heard from Tyler's mother, Sue and she recounted the scenario after talking to her son, Tyler who was hiking with Bryant. Sue said, "All Tyler saw was Bryant's head disappearing behind some trees, and he was gone. After realizing what had happened, he knew that he had to get down there to see how he was...and knew he had to act quickly. He told Jeff to go get help, [so there was another boy hiking, too that I wasn't aware of] as there was no cell phone service, and started to scale down the cliff. There was not much to hold onto, and he could not get an answer from Bryant, so he kept on going. Half way down he lost his grip and tumbled about 60 feet down the rocky ledge, ending up near Bryant, who was quietly moaning...but alive, Thank God! He waited there with him for well over an hour until Jeff and the troopers arrived. He had to wade across the river to get out, and walk the 2 miles out. He is pretty scraped up, and has a concussion...but thankfully, that is it! They airlifted him to Waterbury, and Bryant to New Haven. It was over 3 hours before they finally got Bryant out."

Sue also said that Tyler went up to the hospital to see Bryant along with Bryant's girlfriend and feels optimistic. The doctors have to keep a close watch on Bryant's bleeding brain which means they have to hold off on surgery until they can get that under control.

Tyler's Mom, Sue is very appreciative of all of your prayers and says, "Keep up the prayers...I'm sure that the fact that Rich and I were in front of the Blessed Sacrament on Friday night is what kept Tyler from being more seriously injured." Sue and her husband, Rich were chaperones at the Steubenville retreat over the week end when all of this happened.

Thank you everyone for your prayers for the whole situation. I am sure that Bryant is certainly far from being "out of the woods' right now. He is in very critical condition but we are hopeful and praying for God's healing power for everyone involved. Tyler could of course use prayers, as well. Prayers are needed and are so appreciated. God bless you all!


Karen Edmisten said...

Prayers continuing, Donna!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Thank you, Karen! You are so good to pray and spread the word. :)