Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Greeting the Fourth of July

Catholic Culture offers this article:
Greeting the Fourth
by Dr. Jeff Mirus
July 3, 2007

Committed Catholics in America sometimes fret over the celebration of Independence Day. The culture wars keep us focused on so much that is seriously wrong in our country. This can lead to depression and bitterness when it comes to our preeminent national holiday. But what other perspective is possible?

A Vale of Tears

The answer to this question lies in a proper understanding of this world, which prior generations were astute enough to call a vale of tears. I suppose it is only human to wish we could be dealing with problems other than those we’ve been given, but it is nonetheless a character flaw, and the first point to remember is that there are always grave problems with the world.

Pick any century, from the first to the twenty-first, and you’ll find wars, oppression, natural disasters, poverty, famine, apostasy, corruption of various kinds in the Church, Read entire article here.

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