Thursday, June 7, 2007

There's still time!

There's still time to get your discount when you order your subscription to Canticle magazine either for yourself or for gifts for family and friends. I'm planning to get a couple of subscriptions for friends since I am already enjoying Canticle through my own subscription. Just go to Heidi's Hotline for details and the discount code.

In case you are not familiar with Canticle; this wonderful magazine for Catholic Women, I encourage you to take a quick moment and click here at the Canticle website which is affiliated with Women of Grace.

Just a few things that Canticle Magazine offers...
*An understanding of authentic womanhood in clear language;
*An uplifting fellowship among women of faith who think, "I must be the only one...!";
*Education concerning the meaning of human sexuality and marital love;
*Positive suggestions for the restoration of a culture of life and love; and
*Joyful testimonies and profiles for women, by women, and about women.
There's really so much MORE!

Hurry because the sale ends on June 10th! Go on over to Heidi's Hotline for details and the discount code.

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