Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teresa Tomeo's "Extreme Make Over"

Extreme MakeoverA former television news reporter, Tomeo pulls together the latest research on social behavior and trends to demonstrate that women are harming themselves and their chances for true happiness by adopting the thoroughly modern, sexually liberated lifestyle portrayed in magazines and movies. Packed with not only persuasive statistics but also powerful personal testimonies, Extreme Makeover shows that it is not the slogans of the sexual revolution and the women’s liberation movement that free and dignify women, but the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church.

Teresa’s book discusses many of the issues that are so controversial to women today:
  • Media Mania and the Feminists Mistake: “Common sense tells us that having a choice is not the same as making a good choice. When it comes to having an abortion choice has little to do with it.” (Extreme Makeover, p. 52)
  • The Abortion Distortion: “Put quite simply, if jumping from bed to bed and engaging in all kinds of sexual experimentation is so wonderfully grand,  so ultimately fulfilling, and so freeing, why is there so much misery and pain attached to it?” (Extreme Makeover, p. 74)
  • Free Sex and the Contraception Deception: "Truth is truth and it cannot be suppressed. Whether we are talking abortion, contraception, or embryonic stem cell research, the Church is proven right over and over again.  The world may not want to see it or admit it, but it is important for us to be able to step back and connect the dots." (Extreme Makeover, p. 160)

    So what are women steeped in the Hollywood and Cosmo girl version of reality to do? Undergo Tomeo’s Extreme Makeover! With the help of this book, they can shed the toxic messages that objectify and enslave them and embrace the truth about being a beloved daughter of God.

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    ISBN: 978-1586-1-7-561-0, AVAILABLE OCTOBER 7, 2011

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