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Interview with author Dorothy Pilarski

I recently interviewed Dorothy Pilarski about her new book Motherhood Matters.

This is what I said about her book in the form of an endorsement:In Motherhood Matters, "Dorothy Pilarski shares a passionate and compelling story. Gleaning from unfolding discoveries in the pursuit of meaning in her life, Dorothy has lovingly woven together a collection of articles, letters, quotes, and prayers; guaranteed to stir a Catholic mother’s heart."

Now here is our interview:

DONNA-MARIE: Dorothy, the book you've seemed to put your heart into has finally been released. What are your thoughts?

DOROTHY: There is a part of me that still doesn’t believe it’s true. There are moments where it feels like a bit of a dream. There have been so many obstacles to overcome, but Our Lady just kept opening up these doors. I just kept walking through the doors she opened. I have received so much help and encouragement from so many people. It all started with my own Mother’s Group.

I think one of the best things a Catholic mother can do is to start a Mother’s Group. Being surrounded by Catholic girlfriends-- that support, encourage, nurture, laugh, cry, and pray with you is the greatest privilege in the world.

I am completely overjoyed by all of the endorsements, Motherhood Matters got from women who are hero’s of mine. My heart really is full of gratitude. Donna, thank you for taking the time to interview me and thank you for endorsing the book too!

I feel blessed that by the grace of God I signed the contract for the book on the Feast of St. Frances de Salles. By the grace of God, it was launched on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel. And, I have been interviewed by Teresa Tomeo and on the Drew Mariani show too.

DONNA-MARIE: How long did it take to write this book?

DOROTHY: The book was written over a sixteen year span. I have hosted a Catholic Mother’s Group for just a little over 15 years. We generally meet once a month out of my home. We start off with the rosary, I usually have a speaker or DVD, we then chat over a variety of herbal teas and pastries. I found in between our meetings, I would reflect on different things and decided to share them with my Catholic moms. My email distribution list grew and grew. After reading the reflections I had written many moms on my list would suggest that I put them into a book. I never took their suggestions seriously. I just didn’t think I was that good of a writer. I wrote because I loved to write about matters that were close to my heart.. Finally, one mom suggested I forward at least one piece to our Canadian newspaper, the Catholic Register—the rest is history!

DONNA-MARIE: Why did you write for mothers?

DOROTHY: When I was just a little girl I longed to stay at home and be a mother. I relished in the very thought of it. When I finally became a mom, quite late in life, I realized that not many women were staying at home to watch their own children. I remember being a bit stunned. I see the mother child bond as being sacred and it appears that that very bond is being attacked. Right now, our world does not need any more political, academic, theological, sophisticated, sexy, accomplished, worldly rich mothers—mothers that are too busy for their own children. Our world needs mothers who are anointed with the Holy Spirit and will storm heaven and earth – and they will do whatever it takes to care for their own children in their early years and to make it their priority to pray with their children and to pass down the Catholic Faith.

DONNA-MARIE: What are some of the issues that today's mothers are confronted with?

DOROTHY: Mothers today, in some cases, are on a certain level self destructing. We are too busy, we are over saturated, over stimulated, over shopped, over travelled, over fed, over extended. We have systematically created a culture and life style that is squeezing out not only God but the feminine nature out of women. Instead of having time to nurture, encourage, listen, sing, play, cook and perform acts of charity we become driven, workaholics, obsessed with the next thing on our to do list. We often don’t have time just to “be” with our own children or our aging parents. We often don’t have time to pray, visit friends in the hospital or go to funerals.

In what is sometimes a harried life, as Catholic mothers there maybe a temptation to forget that our primary duty is to pass down the Catholic faith.

DONNA-MARIE: What are your hopes for this book?

DOROTHY: I have three hopes for this book. It is my hope to challenge the current cultural model of motherhood. Secondly, I would like to provide an evangelical tool for mothers who already view motherhood as a vocation. It is my hope that this is the type of Catholic book that anyone would feel comfortable in passing on to their other less committed Catholic girlfriends! Thirdly, I want to affirm, encourage and inspire mothers and call them to start praying a Holy Hour for the vocation of motherhood in general. I would like to start a movement whereby a group of women voluntarily sign up for Holy Hours to reclaim the dignity of motherhood under the mantle of Mary, the Mother of God world wide!

DONNA-MARIE: Is there anything else you would like us to know about the journey in writing this book or whatever may have led up to writing this book?

DOROTHY: I would like to encourage women who in their gut know what they should be doing, but haven’t had the courage to listen to the promptings in their own hearts. I would like to encourage women to pray to the Holy Spirit, to engage in a lively sacramental life and to visit Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration often. I would really encourage mothers to start mother’s groups. Mother’s NEED to be ministered to! There are so many wonderful resources, just start the meeting off with the rosary and Our Lady will definitely do the rest!

DONNA-MARIE: Finally, Dorothy, where can we get a copy of your book?

DOROTHY: Right now the book is available on the website of the Catholic Register. It is set up to take both American and Canadian orders.

In the coming weeks autographed copies of the book will be available on my blog and website but for now going to the Catholic Register website is best. They get a great deal on the shipping!

DONNA-MARIE: Thanks very much for your time in doing this interview, Dorothy. God bless you and your family!

DOROTHY: Thank YOU Donna, I couldn’t have done it without your support and help!


kz said...

I have just recently started reading this book and have enjoyed all points brought up by Pilarski. Some of her observations do ring true and they do make you reassess your own goals and commitments in light of your responsibilities to the "young souls" you have been entrusted with.

Dorothy Pilarski said...

KZ Thank you so very much for taking the time to read the book and especially taking the time to comment! It is so very exciting to hear from you!

Dorothy Pilarski said...

Thanks KZ for reading the book! Thank you for taking the time to comment! It is so exciting to hear from you!

Blog Admin said...

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