Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Interview with Teresa Tomeo on Extreme Makeover

I have recently had the blessing of interviewing a dear friend, fellow author, and colleague, Teresa Tomeo about her newest book Extreme Makeover. Below is our interview:

DONNA-MARIE: Teresa, your new book Extreme Makeover appears to have been in the making for a while, compiled with compelling research and crafted from expert observations, with a keen eye on the culture. How long did it take to write this book?

TERESA: You’re right about this being in the making for some time. I am always researching in the area of media influence and our culture so I had much of the work and the format for this book already outlined.  In all it took me about two months to write the book and several weeks of editing with a wonderful editing team from Ignatius Press.

DONNA-MARIE: Why did you feel this book needed to come out now?

TERESA: Well it’s God’s timing. But I also saw a need based on so much emphasis in our culture and in media programming on the outward things. We are all about making over our homes, our wardrobes, and getting into better physical shape but I don’t see any shows or messages out there telling us that real beauty is about being beautiful from the inside out. I also found that this idea of a spiritual extreme makeover was resonating with so many people especially women.  But again it’s really God’s timing. 

DONNA-MARIE: What do you hope your book will accomplish?

TERESA: I hope it will get women and men to see that Jesus and the Church don’t give us a series of “no’s” but as Pope Benedict said a few years ago-“a big “yes” to love and to life.” God’s plan really is the best plan and if we open our hearts and minds to what is happening in our world we can connect the dots and see how the Church is proven right over and over again. 

DONNA-MARIE: Who should buy this book? 

TERESA: Women, men, pastors, any one interested in the impact the culture is having on our world. It is a great resource and contains the latest studies on media influence. It can also serve as a great book for a book club or a study group as each chapter contains reflection questions. I had a priest tell me just yesterday that he loved the book and thinks both men and women should read it so he is buying 100 copies for his parish. 

DONNA-MARIE: Where can it be purchased? 

DONNA-MARIE: What are your plans for upcoming speaking and book signing events?

TERESAI have two book signings in the Detroit area where I reside and then will be signing books at my other upcoming speaking engagements.  Best thing to do is to go to my web site for my schedule details.

DONNA-MARIE: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about Extreme Makeover? 

TERESA: I really hope people find it a helpful resource that encourages, affirms, and educates.  I really put my heart and soul into Extreme Makeover and I hope that I did Jesus and His Church proud.

TERESA: Any plans for a new book?  Several new books actually and all with some connection to my area of expertise in the culture and media so as we say in broadcasting “stay tuned.”

DONNA-MARIE: I can't wait to see how that all unfolds. We'll be staying tuned! Thank you very much for the interview! I pray your book is a complete success and reaches countless people!  

TERESA: Thanks Donna-Marie for the work that you do and all the support.  You are such a gift to us in the Church!!!!!

DONNA-MARIE: You are too kind, dear Teresa. Thank you for all that YOU do! God bless your book launch!

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