Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another update on A. J. whom we've been praying for...

"A.J. is still in the hospital as the heart began to enlarge again a few days ago. Things are slowly getting under control. She is in good spirits, though heartbroken that she was not able to begin high school with all of her friends. Even if she comes home, she will need to be home schooled until the H1N1 vaccine is available, which is likely mid to late October.

Thank you for all of your continued prayers. Today's update is below,

Despite all the testing going on, there really are only tiny bits of good news filtering out. Kind of like ISATs that way--weeks of testing, hardly any results. Anyway, one of the recent ones: based on one of the more sophisticated tests to measure the presence of inflammation in the body, there is very little inflammation in AJ's system right now. That's good because inflammation is a hallmark that the Wegener's is active, and so this is another small indication that the Wegener's is not attacking AJ's immune system as much these days. Also, the kidney docs feel like they're beginning to get a better handle on exactly how much fluid they're supposed to be taking each time AJ gets dialyzed. We're thankful for these small bits of good news and hope that the docs will keep whittling down that long list of "things we don't understand about AJ's insides." In the meantime, we hope Anna Jean is getting some more tacos and milkshakes.

Keep posting those pics and messages and youtube links, everyone--they're really funny!"

This was the message I receivd. Please continue to pray for this sweet 14 year old girl, A.J.

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cheryl said...

Question: What is the outcome for this little girl? Will she continue to have relapses?