Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Teresa Tomeo's series about NOISE on EWTN

Teresa Tomeo recently asked, "Have you ever wondered why the secular press tilts so heavily to the left of center? Are you concerned about the continued attacks on the Catholic Church? Would you like to know just how much impact the culture is having on children, families, and the country? With the help of moral theologians, law enforcement experts, media specialists, and pro-life leaders, I will attempt to answer these questions. And if you're looking for some practical ways to make a difference in the media in your home as well as ways to engage the culture, you may also be interested in watching this special series. You'll also learn just how much wisdom and common sense advise the Church has when it comes to how to using the media wisely.

Join me and my guests including Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, Doug Keck of EWTN TV, Moral Theologian Dr. Janet Smith, and others as we try to help you make some sense out of all of the "Noise" in our lives. That's Monday through Friday at 6:30pm ET, October 20th through the 24th on EWTN Global Catholic TV. For more information go to www.ewtn.com or www.teresatomeo,com and please pray that this series helps encourage more Catholics to take a stand for decency on the air waves."

Program Dates & Times

Find your local EWTN station to see "NOISE"!

Episodes 1- 5 air Oct 20 - Oct 24
ET: 3:00 AM & 6:30 PM
PT: 12 AM & 3:30 PM

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