Monday, May 25, 2009

More on Christopher West...

This is from "Tea at Trianon."

"I have been following the various discussions around the internet about "theology of the body" and have wanted to stay out of the hullabaloo. Those involved have good intentions, no doubt. However, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand is absolutely correct in questioning the prudence of certain approaches to teaching and discussing marital intimacy. A crass and bombastic approach to a delicate subject does nothing but break down the already deteriorating veil of modesty and reticence which should exist between people who are not married to each other, especially between young men and young women.

The beauty of intimacy exists because it is private, to be shared only with the beloved. When the sense of privacy is destroyed, then the intimacy is destroyed. Is there then any hope for romance, when the mystery of physical love is constantly examined under a microscope, on television, on podcasts, everywhere? It is especially damaging, I think, when this occurs under the pretext of learning about chastity, under the cloak of religion. The fruit of the breakdown of modesty will ultimately be adultery, which Dr. von Hildebrand..." (Continued here)


CrossroadsMagazine said...

Professor Janet Smith is now defending Christopher West. Check out her argument here:

By the way, how many blogs do you have?

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That's good to know. Thanks for the information. I'll check it out. I was just trying to contact you after seeing your comment on my "Embracing Motherhood" blog. I have 3 blogs, to answer your question.

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