Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Catholic Rally at the Capital Building

Let's pray for those thousands of Catholics flocking to the Capital building today to express their opposition to proposed Bill 1098. A lot has been happening these past few days and bishops, priests, and laity are up in arms.

This past Thursday, the Judiciary Committee of the CT State Legislature, chaired by Senator Andrew McDonald of Stamford and Rep. Michael Lawlor of East Haven introduced a bill (S.B. 1098) that is a direct attack on the Roman Catholic Church. The proposed bill also violates the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Please check my blog posts below for email addresses and phone numbers to call to voice your opposition to the proposed Bill.

Although the Hearing that was scheduled for today has been curiously cancelled at this point in time (after thousands and thousands have voiced their opposition), Catholics should not sit back and relax. Lent is a time of penitential sacrifice. What better way than sacrifice a bit of our time to voice our opinions. It is a free country after all - at least at the moment. Let's pray and act. Invoke the intercession of the saints and our dear Blessed Mother for protection. Many rosaries should be prayed. Groups can meet in their parishes to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. What more powerful weapon than the Rosary and prayer before the Blessed Sacrament?

Please act and pray, pray and act. Don't just sit there! If you are not able to be active, your prayers are very powerful and very welcome.

Check out a Catholic News Agency story here: Hartford, Conn., Mar 10, 2009 / 11:35 am (CNA).- Catholics around the country are upset over a new bill in the Connecticut Senate that, in the words of the Archbishop of Hartford, "forces a radical reorganization of the legal, financial, and administrative structure of our parishes." The bill, which bears resemblance to Voice of the Faithful’s Strategic Plan, is being supported by Dr. Paul Lakeland, who believes that in this case it’s appropriate to use state legislation to force the Church’s hand.

Dr. Paul Lakeland, Fairfield University Chair of Catholic Studies, Voice of the Faithful member, former Jesuit Priest, and author of several books including “The Liberation of the Laity: In Search of an Accountable Church,” recently discussed his support for Connecticut’s controversial Bill No. 1098 with CNA. Dr. Lakeland is also scheduled to testify before the Connecticut General Assembly on behalf of the bill... (Continued here)

Check out the Waterbury Republican's Matter of Faith blog here for more up to date information. Tracy Simmons will be covering the rally today and will be reporting on it through her blog. Check back throughout the day.

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