Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can you believe this?

My friend, Marie drove me to a doctor's appointment the other day because I was a bit weak. I had an episode over the week end in which I ended up in the ER. You can read about it soon over at my "Embracing Motherhood" blog. On our way, my friend brought me up to date on a few current events in the news. I has been out of the loop with the news, just concentrating on regaining my health.

So, Marie proceeded to tell me that it is now legal in the state of Kansas for parents to drop off their teenager at a hospital if they can't deal with them!! Imagine that! I was shocked. I shouldn't be shocked because of everything else that is permissible in our culture - but my mother's heart was appalled...and sad. What does this say to that child? Your parents can just get rid of you when they can't deal with your antics? What is coming of this nation? I am speechless. The poor teens who need some sort of help and extra love are instead being thrown into the foster care system because their parents wash their hands of them! I am in a state of shock! It's one thing to say that a baby can be dropped off at a hospital to preserve its life rather than throw that poor child in a dumpster in the case of young mothers who have babies in secret and then dispose of them. But, it is another thing to give parents permission to "dispose" of their children when they are older because they don't want to deal with them and care for them properly.

What are your thoughts? Had you heard about this?

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Jean Heimann said...

While I am apalled by this, I am thankful that this is an option to mothers.

As a former crisis pregnancy counselor here in KS, I thanked God for the women who came to me and were open to having their child or who were open to adoption.

However, as you know, we have late-term abortionist George Tiller here who performs abortions up until birth. It has also been confirmed by a nurse at his clinic (a former employee) that another abortionist at that same clinic mudered a child who was born alive.

This was reported by Operation Rescue and many bloggers, including myself, have written about this. I'm sure this isn't the only instance of this.

Women from all over the world come to see DR(?) Tiller for abortions. Wichita is known as "the abortion capital of the world". It is so easy for the women who live here to get an abortion here through all nine months of pregnancy if they can afford it.

Dr. Tiller has performed abortions on women simply because they wanted to go to a party or the prom.

I am even aware of Catholic and Christian women who have had abortions there.

Those who can't afford Tiller will attempt abortions on themselves.

While there are many wonderful crisis pregnancy centers here, many pro-life groups, wonderful Catholic and Christian people here who pray daily for an end to abortion, nothing stops Tiller. He owns the state -- gives blood money to the DA, the governor, and everyone else who might get in his way. He is a powerful multi-millionaire who gets away with murder!

He has even driven his car into the leader of the KS Coalition for Life, injuring him, and although there was evidence (video proof) and a witness -- no charges were filed.

While the hospital drop-off is deplorable, it is still better than the alternative -- having an abortion at Tiller's or doing it yourself.

The Crisis pregnancy centers provide food and clothing for the baby, maternity clothing for the mom, and referral to other agencies for food and shelter, but the needs are many and the resources too few.

Sometimes all it takes to save a child's life is just someone to listen to the mom and her concerns,and reassurance that she can have this child and will not be alone.