Monday, March 31, 2008

A Time of Hopeful Rebirth!

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What is it about the hope of warm breezes and sunshine right around the corner promising to warm our winter-chilled bones and to pop up an array of colorful delicate spring flowers from the once-frozen earth that motivates us to delve into cleaning and organizing projects? It's a feeling akin to the "nesting" instinct that surfaces for an expectant mother before the birth of her baby. One senses the urgency of doing and then experiences the satisfaction that a cleaned out pantry, an organized closet, or a fresh coat of paint on the kitchen walls brings along with it. It's just the right time for it — spring brings it forth from us. It's no wonder that I am in that organizing and cleaning frame of mind. I think I've been bit by a spring cleaning bug!

Spring is similarly a time for fresh new hope that warms our souls because of the Easter Resurrection. We've trodden the path of our penitential Lenten journeys and now we have been blessed with our Savior's promise of new life for us after He selflessly and lovingly shed His Blood. "Jesus, who himself died on the Cross, brought something totally different: an encounter with the Lord of all lords, an encounter with the living God and thus an encounter with a hope stronger than the sufferings of slavery, a hope which therefore transformed life and the world from within" (Pope Benedict, XVI, Spe Salvi).

Along with the miracle of the Resurrection and the gift of new hope, we experience the bright rays of.. (Continued here.)

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