Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy feast of the Immaculate Conception!

I just read this wonderful post on the feast day today. I think you'll like it too. This woman speaks up and I am proud of her. I broach these topics myself.

She begins: "I love this feast day. I love the fact that the Immaculate Conception has become a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church. I love the thought that throughout the entire world Mary's Catholic children are celebrating her astounding purity. I love going to holy Mass and listening to the readings and thinking about the great gifts the heavenly Father has given to us in our Blessed Mother. I love the fact that we have this model of purity that we can at once have all to ourselves and share as Marian children. In the Fenelon Clan abode, I usually put some symbol on our home shrine to remind us of the importance of this day and to draw more and more into the heart of the Immaculata.

"In contemplating this year's feast, I found it ironic that so very many people today honor Mary's purity while at the same time ignoring their own. I think of what we're up against as our culture pushes harder and harder on us to let go of our ideals and morals.

"Just look at the media. It used to be that primetime television offered true family programming. Well, it still offers "family programming", but that programming is laced with raw jokes and sexual innuendos. Scan the radio stations in your area and you'll find that every few seconds your ears are insulted by some of the most vulgar lyrics imaginable. The advertisements in newspapers and magazines and on billboards are becoming more and more seductive. Check out the eerily realistic video games with their sex and violence. I'm sure none of this is new to you, and Christian watchdog groups have been warning us about these things for years.

"What concerns me most is that our young people absorb all of these impure subliminal suggestions without even realizing it. They're completely unaware of the danger that threatens them. Satan and his cunning has worked it out so that they are constantly and unwittingly bombarded with this garbage. It's intertwined in everything they live and breathe to the point that they no longer recognize it as an intrusion upon their purity, but as a normal part of life.

"Next time you go to the mall, and I'm sure you'll go soon as it's the..." ( Continued here at Marge's blog)

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