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Favorite Catholic Speaker Nominee Fr. Phillip Chavez

Favorite Catholic Speaker Nominee Fr. Phillip Chavez

Fr. Phillip Chavez, SOLT, leader in Men' Ministry is a priest in the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. We may be familiar with this Society because it is the same Society as Fr. John Corapi's.

Fr. Chavez is the director of the Amator Institute which is a men's ministry based in south-central PA. He has been encouraged by his superiors to establish an outreach to men so that they can be helped through the many challenges and struggles that they face in modern times. Fr. Chavez concentrates on Masculine Spirituality.

Fr. Chavez has said, "Men often find themselves isolated, profoundly dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and desperately seeking answers." Fr. Chavez encourages men to see and assume their supernatural calling to emulate Christ as Priest, Prophet, and King. He strives to awaken and strengthen the identity and mission of young men and fathers. He summons them to realize their natural longing to be a Leader, Protector, and Provider in their homes, churches, and community.

He strives to help men find the answers through seminars and parish missions that he offers. He often works with the Knights of Columbus who sponsor many of his appearances. Many of his recordings are published through St. Joseph's Communications.

Fr. Chavez stated, "I strive to call men toward their natural duty to mentor younger men and adolescents, inspire then to sacrificially honor their commitments, coach them to assemble and work in small teams, and summon them to defend their family, Church and society. All my work finds its basis upon sound theological and human principles, so that men may realize the secure promise of Christ: "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly" (John 10:10). A few of Fr. Chavez's talk titles are: "Masculine Identity," "Faith Challenges and the Man," "Marriage, Parenting, and Family Life."

I am pleased to be a sponsor and promoter of Fr. Chavez to the nation’s top and favorite Catholic Speakers’ List for 2009.

Fr. Chavez's contact information is:
Rev. Phillip Chavez, Solt
The Amator Institute
Post Office Box 278
Glen Rock, PA 17327


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