Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moving story about Italy's earthquake and Divine intervention

"It was the picture that brought home the human tragedy of the earthquake that left Italy devastated this week. Staggering around in the rubble, unsure whether to cry with grief or joy, Antonello Colangeli held his head in his hands and wept as he watched his son being pulled from the debris.

The scene would be repeated across the region of Abruzzo, east of Rome. The pain of those looking for their loved ones was compounded with every aftershock.

Five days after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake destroyed his home town of L’Aquila, crushing students as they slept and entombing entire families inside collapsed homes, Dr Colangeli presses his fingers against his temples once again. This time it is in disbelief at what he likes to call a small series of miracles... Continued here.

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