Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vote as if lives depended on it..because they do!

Please take a moment to read this and then go to the link below to read the remainder. Pass it on to your friends and family.

"On Tuesday, we will participate in a historic election.
The stakes are high, and the campaign hard-fought. Already, in states like North Carolina and Florida, early
voting has drawn record-smashing crowds. The nation’s voters are engaged in this election to a degree rare in
American history, and pro-life voters must play their part. It is of paramount importance that values voters go to
the voting booth on November 4th, and that they bring their pro-life convictions with them.
There are stark differences between the two candidates on the life issues. John McCain has a perfect pro-life
voting record in his years in the Senate, and has chosen a committed social conservative as his running mate.
Barack Obama, for his part, has a record of consistently voting against the unborn. His radical stance in favor
of abortion is illustrated by his insistence, at a Planned Parenthood function, that on the "fundamental issue" of
choice, he 'will not yield and Planned Parenthood will not yield.'" Continued here to read more on each candidate.

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