Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Catholic Media Review - New Blog!

I am so excited that a faithful group of Catholic bloggers have taken up the task of forming a movie review group to help all of us! You can visit the blog, Catholic Media Review here. Go take a look, there are already a bunch of films reviewed which include: "National Treasure," "Juno," "I Am Legend," "Bella," "Enchanted," and "The Water House - Legend of the Deep."

This blog certainly promises to be an outstanding resource for Catholic and Christian families!

Jean Marie of Catholic Fire one of the co-founders of the Catholic Media Review group has this to say, "We will do our best to examine each film in the light of Catholic teaching and to warn parents about films that will present a danger to our youth. We also want to encourage people to see those films which we believe will have a positive impact on our society. Some of the outstanding films that I personally have seen include: The Passion of the Christ, Amazing Grace, Into Great Silence, and Bella. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we as Catholic Christians could make an major impact on the type of films that come out? We have this power simply by purchasing tickets to those films that are of excellent quality. You can count on us to keep you informed."

Check out the blog to meet the reviewers and read the reviews. Please pass on this valuable information to help keep families informed!

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