Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Catholic Educator's Resource Center

The Catholic Educator's Resource Center which can be found here has requested my article.

This website is one I'll be checking regularly now that I am aware of them.


andi_pf said...

I swung across to the Catholic Educator's Resource Center and made a beeline for your article.

You do write with great commonsense and the article is well presented.

I wholeheartedly agree with prayers being the cornerstone of family dinner. Great point. I think we've all heard "The Family that prays together stays together."

I had not thought about suggesting the girls use parental rules as a get out clause to escape peer pressure. It takes the blame off them. Thank you. I will certainly tell them to do this if necessary.

Also having an open house is a good policy.

Only 32% know they are loved. That is so sad and I suspect the root of most of the anti social behaviour of teenagers. Conforming to peer pressure is an attempt to fit in and using being accepted as a substitute form of "Love".

I agree if you want a child with inner strength and strong buffers against peer pressure then they need a stable secure platform to stand on. They will face plenty of opportunities to make bad choices.

Your article's final paragraph spells out how to do this. If a child has zero doubt of her parents' love and this fact is so ingrained it is unshakeable your child's heart and spirit is whole. It always will be strong. Whispers from peers can't act as plasters (band-aids) to temporarily cover holes and tears.

My youngest is 7yrs and my eldest is now 10 yrs and all I can say is each still grins at being told I love her and always will. The game of "Do you know something?" to which they answer "No" and I reply "I Love You" started when they were toddlers and is still going strong. Actually, so does my 16 yr old niece. All I can say is that I shout the words at the 7 yr old across playgrounds, speak them to the 10 yr old in the kitchen and whisper them in the ear of the 16 yr old only when we are alone. (I think the distance issue is an exposure to earphones/ipod thingy. The more used they are to having electical items in the ears the nearer you have to get! LOL :D)

God Bless


Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...


Thanks so much for your kind words. It's wonderful to know that you are showing your love in an affectionate way and keeping the lines of communication open. Kids these days have so much going on and it's so important to truly BE THERE for them!

Thanks again for your very thoughful comments.

God bless!